About Me


I was born  January of 1966.  I started my spiritual path thru questioning my place in the universe in march of 1988 when my beloved father died. 


This man spent a lot of time as I was growing up teaching me about the wisdom of life and the respect of the divine.  His life and death was instrumental in pointing me in the direction of service to the divine for the greater benefit of all.


From that time forward I sought out spiritual truth and learned everything along the way.  All this time I was reading about spiritual truth, but  the time had come to put all that I to practice, the universe provided me with that opportunity.


In 1998, I was involved in a motor vehicle collision that caused me some considerable injuries where I was left struggling with health for the next seven years.  By this point I had been taking a cocktail of medications that was only poisoning my  system and killing me.


I went in search of  alternative ways of healing and came across this Grand Master from China.  He was 56 when I met him and he had been studying the ancient ways of healing and spirituality since he was seven.  In the course of his practice, he developed a system of a chi gong/ yoga type healing practice.  He studied in both China and Tibet for several years.  Out of that he took the best of the Tibetan Buddhist mysticism and the Shaolin Daoist practices and combined them to form the system that I learned called the Heart of Dao.


From there I was given also Reiki attunements and practiced since 2004 becoming a Reiki Master Teacher in 2009.  In the latter half of 2009, I was taught Kundalini yoga and have practiced that since.

In the tradition of the heart of Dao I am seeking the best of any and all healing modalities that I come across to open the door to the most powerful healing experience for anyone that comes to me seeking assistance In their healing journey to wholeness.


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