I have offered long distance treatments to people online.  I offer them for the price of 40 dollars Canadian.

There are one of two ways you can receive a treatment.  The first is thru energy counseling.  You would explain a situation in your life to me that is troubling you and while you are talking i send and surround you with healing energy for the duration that you are speaking.  When you finish that is when the session ends.  You may need to do it again depending on how deeply you are bothered by what you have sought assistance with.

The second way is just healing energy.  You contact me online and we arrange a time that you will be undisturbed and at your location you lay down and relax and i perform a long distance meditation that sends you the energy.  Again you may have to do this more than once but we sill know after the first session is done.

you can also find my Reiki page Heart of Divine Fire Reiki on Facebook


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